~Anugerah dari Ell~

~Beautiful Blogger Award~

1 ~ Thank and link the person who give you the award.
Thank you very much for my old friends during school formerly Elly (life of lady ell), really love you for giving this award to me, blogger who just want to know this blogging world. Thanks my sweet freind..... :)

2 ~ State 7 things about yourself.
This is the 7 things about myself for 29 years
* I am a loyal listener
* married at the age of 25 years
* have 2 sons (all boy)
* I would really like to work, but sitting at home look after the children have fun as well :)
* I really love music and the arts
* I'm in love with my husband for all the time... :)
* and I really like number 7

3 ~ Pass this award to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.
As I still not had many follower ... so this is the beutiful blogger award winners

~ Ayu the sun
~ Dee
~ Fatiha Delmar
~ Elly (b'coz u r really beutiful blogger)
~ Eddy
~ Leez

Dan akhir sekali, kepada semua "beutiful blogger" yang telah saya senaraikan, mana yang ada datang menjenguk ke blog saya yang tak seberapanyer ini...silalah ambil bawak balik this award...dan bolehlah masukkan dalam n3 akan datang yer..tiada paksaan sama sekali. Thanks a lot for being my blogging firends. Luve u all.


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